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Student College Loft Bed Twin Over Full with Desk - $598

Using a Loft Bed While In College Saves Space

College Loft Bed Twin Full Desk Bed

Color: Explorer Finish
Mattress Size: Twin over full
Mattress Height: 8"
Material: Solid Pine
Dimensions: 81 x 81 x 64"H

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We all know dorms have very limited space; these rooms need efficient furniture that is versatile and functional. Loft beds are often the best solution for these living situations. What are loft beds? Loft beds are modern bunk beds that just have one mattress frame, usually on the top, and then workspace or storage on the bottom. These modern bunk beds feature additions such as under the bed storage, trundle beds or “pull-out” beds, built-in shelving, built-in desks and they are designed to be the most functional bunk beds on the market.

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Bunk Beds and Loft Beds
Explorer Ginger All In One College Loft Bed

Features like the under the bed storage, trundle beds or “pull-out” beds, built-in shelving and built-in desk make it a lot easier to live in small spaces. Because loft beds usually do not have a bottom bunk a built-in desk or extra storage can take its place. This one piece solution provides a space saving alternative to a 3-piece furniture set.

These modern bunk beds are perfect for college dorm life. However, bunk bed safety may be a concern for college students. These concerns have been addressed by manufacturers such as Discovery World Furniture. They guarantee a 400 pound weight limit per mattress top or bottom.

This efficient furniture piece can also be bought with a staircase instead of a ladder. This is a bunk bed safety option that has been adopted by manufacturers to reduce risk of slipping, falling and ladder destabilizing. If ladders make you nervous, now you can have stairs to reach the top bunk.

Price is another issue for college students looking for efficient furniture. These modern bunk beds are not only save space but also money. If you buy direct from a manufacturer like Factorybunkbeds.com which carries Discovery World Furniture and sells many retail furniture outlets you can save money. The price from the distributor is so much less because it does not reflect the retail markup. Also if you buy direct from a manufacturer you can make certain customizations to meet your specific needs.